About Us

A. Bleicher Industries was established in 1987 by Alex Bleicher (R.I.P), a pioneer of the mail boxes manufacturers industry, Aluminum and glass doors, intercom systems and more.

Since its establishment the company became a leader in the industry and constantly developing new products thanks to the investment in research and development managed by a team of engineers. All this while implementing market demands for new products in the highest quality.

This professional approach summoned Alex Bleicher to be a member of the Regulatory experts in the aluminum industry and in the standards institution of Israel.

Bleicher Industries is the largest, and the only Israeli company that produces Aluminum and glass doors (vitrines), mail boxes and intercom systems with innovative modern design based on customer's requirements, and by using raw materials of the highest quality.

The plant is an authorized supplier of large institutions and the country's leading constructors, our clients include architects, aluminum factories, construction companies and institutions.

Among our customers you can find leading companies such as: A. Dori, Alomair, Alum Za'arura, Electra Construction, Ashtrom, Tobacco Danny - a contractor for rehabilitation of buildings, Rami Shviro, Rafi Shapira, Banks, The Institute for Biological Research, The Ministry of Defense offices, The Ministry of Justice offices, Prime Minister's Office, Clalit Health services, Teva, and more…

A. Bleicher Industries offers the complete solution from the design to the actual installation, service and maintenance.

At A. Bleicher everything is done under one roof, one responsible and in timely manner, therefore our customers will receive a long last high quality product, quality service and considerable savings in the purchase from first hand without brokerage fees.

The Production system runs under the supervision of engineers, under strict quality control and with the Israeli and the international standard SI 2000 and ISO 9002 permit # 36407.

The company CEO is Rafi Bleicher BA L.L.B law.

For any further information contact us at +972 3 5567103

34 Ha'hofer St, Holon, Israel 

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